In this document, you will find explanations and links to download and install development software which you will use throughout the program.


Alice – First Level Only

The software development environment is used to teach programming fundamentals, software and game development processes, as well as advanced programming concepts.

The version of Alice we will use in our programming sessions is 2.4.x

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Windows users: The development environment is downloaded as a .zip file. After downloading the file, open it and copy its contents to the C drive on your computer.

Mac users: Copy the file to the Applications folder on your computer.

For full installation instructions, download this file:

Installation Instructions


Development Environment for iPhone and Android Devices

We will work with LiveCode 7.1.3 Community Edition.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

After downloading the setup file, run it and continue the installation process according to the instructions below.

Installation Instructions


In this software, you will find programming exercises and you can upload the applications that you create.

Click this link to download and install the sharing software, Dropbox.
Remember the username and password you used when you registered.
In our first session, we will share a folder with exercises and programming files that we’ll work with.

Installation Instructions

Acrobat Reader

Software for Opening PDF Files

The software can be downloaded here

After downloading the installation file, run it and follow the installation process.

Installation Instructions