Course Overview

What is the program?

The program is designed for boys and girls between the ages of elementary, middle and high school who want to learn to invent and develop software and games for iPhone, Android and PC. This study group is designed for students who have summer camps.

What do you know at the end of the course?

During the course, students will implement the knowledge they learn and will be able to invent, plan, and program original apps for iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, they will know how to design the interface, present it before an audience, and upload it to the app store.

Course Outline

What do you know at the end of the program?

Fundamentals of Programming: Understanding the development environment, the use of objects, use of provisions and train operations, and creating events, using a user interface, using a control structure of if / else statements to create laws, recognition and use of diuretics.
Concept development: Recognition and practice of the seven stages of development, practical application of an original idea.
Learning: Tutorial components analysis, programming and learning to use mathematical functions and expressions, building a scoreboard, using the random function, combining animation, and sound editing.
MyFirstApp: Understanding the development environment for iPhone and Android, using and setting properties for objects, combining media files, using text fields to display and store information, designing and programming.
MyFirstGame: Understanding the characteristics of text fields and use, recognition and tools to develop ideas, graphic design software (Photoshop Basic), graphic design and original interface, wages and implementation of methods for creating interest in the player, the smart device software installation.