Course Overview

Who is the program for?

The course is suitable for first-year graduates, graduates of BYFA workshops, and students with prior programming knowledge.

What will you be able to do at the end of the course?

During the course, students will implement the knowledge they learn and will be able to invent, plan, and program original apps for iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, they will know how to design the interface, present it before an audience, and upload it to the app store.

Course Outline

iAmBiggerThanMe: Login SQL database; retrieving data from the database; updating data in the database; multiplayer game programming.
Using mobile devices: Working with one and two dimensional arrays; using loops and functions; programming timed instructions; data storage and retrieval in smart devices
Work processes: Using project and task management tools; planning and executing joint tasks; quality assurance; group thinking processes and idea development; planning, building and presenting presentations to an audience.
Animation: Getting familiar with animation engines and adapting them to different game genres; identifying conflicts; programming a scoreboard; using switches to carry out complex actions.
Design: Getting to know the essentials of design; rules and planning of user interface; implementation of user interface building.